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Care & Maintenance
of Your Piccolo

Good care and routine maintenance of your piccolo can insure a lifetime of playing enjoyment. Please carefully read the following to make sure your piccolo performs at its peak.

Assembling Your Piccolo

  1. Make sure that the tenon cork is smooth and well lubricated with the cork grease that is provided. This will help to insure a smooth and easy fit.
  2. Grasp the body on the wood above the mechanism, and grasp the headjoint below the embouchure hole. Put the pieces together with a twisting (not rocking) motion. Be careful not to put too much pressure on the mechanism as you put the pieces together. Never put your finger in the embouchure hole to lift the headjoint out of the case. This is a critical area and needs to be protected.

A note of caution: If it is difficult for you to put the headjoint on the body joint, your piccolo should be serviced by us or an authorized technician. If too much pressure is applied while assembling the piccolo it is possible to damage the headjoint or mechanism.

Swabbing the Inside of Your Piccolo

We recommend using a silk oboe swab with a string and weight to remove the condensation from the inside of your piccolo. You can extend the life of your pads and reduce instrument maintenance by swabbing out your piccolo after each time that you play.

Protect your piccolo from temperature extremes, especially when you are going from a warm building to cold temperatures. The quick contraction that can occur may contribute to a crack in the wood. We recommend that you insulate your piccolo case (e.g. keep it inside a lined case cover and/or gig bag) when moving between temperature extremes.

Warm up the headjoint with your hands before blowing into the embouchure hole. This also helps to prevent cracking.

Fingerprints can be removed from the mechanism by using a 100% cotton cloth very slightly dampened with water. Do not use cloths that have been infused with a silver cleaning chemical. Do not use silver polish on your piccolo. Your instrument is best stored in its case when you are not using it. Keep your case clean, and do not store accessories inside the case.

Recommendations for Maintenance

Your piccolo should be cleaned, oiled (both the wood and mechanism) and adjusted approximately once each year by a qualified repair technician. Your headjoint should be oiled more frequently, perhaps 3 to 4 times each year. You may prefer to oil the headjoint even more frequently. To make an appointment with us or to locate the nearest authorized Hammig repair center, please call 888.899.5747. Straubinger Pads have been installed in your Hammig Piccolo. Our clients have concurred with our own testing, in that the:

  • quickness of response is better than with bladder pads.
  • tone quality matches better in all registers.
  • resonance of the piccolo is improved.
  • dynamic range increases.

Please give us a call for more information on upgrading your piccolo with Straubinger Pads.

Insurance for Your New Flute or Piccolo

The best insurance that we have found can be purchased from Clarion Associates Inc. but you must be a member of the National Flute Association to be eligible. You may find more information at:

The National Flute Association
Phone: 805.296.0336


Clarion Associates, Inc.
Phone: 800.848.2534

We enjoy hearing from our customers. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of service in any way.

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